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Mar 2, 2008

Quote of the Day (qotd)

We are not afraid. The Baba Sali protects Netivot.

------ An avreich (Kollel man) in Netivot

Today a Katyusha (basically a larger Kassam with a longer range) was shot and landed in Netivot. It landed near the Baba Sali's gravesite. It is the farthest into Israel the Palestinians have so far shot their rockets, and it indicates that their capabilities might be greater than previously expected. In addition, last night Sderot and Ahskelon was met with a barrage of rockets, and one fell a few short kilometers from Ashdod.

Hopefully the IDF and the political echelons will stay strong and fight the battle to rid Gaza of terrorists, and if that is not possible to at least get them to stop shooting at us.


  1. This looks more and more like a repeat of the mistakes made in the Lebanon war (see N Lebanon Redux?).

    Nothing is going to change until the government decides it wants to win the war and unfortunately I don't think the current government will ever do that.

  2. I hope they will stay strong too, especially in light of the latest one-sided condemnation by the UN security council and the provocative reporting going on....

  3. how come he is buried in netivot?

  4. that's where he lived. his father is buried in egypt


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