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Mar 23, 2008

Most unusual Shalach Manos I received...

Being that Purim came out on Friday, there were basically two options for starting the Purim Se'udah. Either to start it at around 11:30 or so, or two start a late Se'udah and use the method of "poress mapah" which means basically letting the meal run into shabbos and splitting it with a break for Kiddush, concluding the meal eventually and davening shabbos maariv late.

We chose to use the method mandated by the Rama, and begin our se'udah early at about 11:40.

I was so tired from a busy morning, little sleep the nights leading up to Purim and a very hectic week, that the wine I drank made me very tired and knocked me out. So I am laying there sleeping in my drunken stupor, and I get woken up. Somebody had come by to deliver shalach manos to me. He woke me up and I saw (after needing a few minutes to figure out where I was and what I was looking at) he was dressed up like Jameel!

(sorry person dressed up like Jameel - this is the best pic my daughter got. So if you want me to use a better, more flattering, pic, email one to me.)

The shalach manos he gave me was a plate of, that's right, WAFFLES!

and I ate them this morning...

They were very good. I even am willing to go out on a limb and say they were the best, and only, waffles I have eaten in the past 15 or so years...

So for all of you who are skeptical about the big waffle debate and prefer to spread Lashon Ha'Ra about good people, I am here to give testimony to the fact that everything is true and I got my waffles!


  1. Interesting... Jameel really did make it to RBS. I knew he was one his way, since he called me for some directions.

    Strangely enough, it appears that by the time we returned from our (pre-chatzos) seudah, some wily neighbor had "borrowed" our waffle packages, leaving us with nothing.

    At least, I assume that's what happened...

  2. so you are saying it really was Jameel? Not just some guy dressed up like Jameel?

    Hey Jameel - if that was really you, how come you did not wear a costume?

  3. Considering that it's still Purim here, we're still waiting for waffles. Grandkid #1 and I just got back from Shuk Purim, and I'd love some waffles.
    hint! hint!

  4. The Waffle King always comes through.

  5. Ugh. STILL no waffles in Israel?! I think I should move back and fill a niche... The sheer volume of Americans there would make me a VERY wealthy man in a VERY short time!!! :)

  6. Don't you get it?! Waffles are EVIL. They must be destroyed!

  7. Oh. Must be something that hasn't caught on in the Chareidi community in the US... :)


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