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Mar 5, 2008

my shortest post ever



  1. You see, to those people, marriage is not profound and awesome, but rather mundane, as predictable and unexciting a part of life as breathing, taxes and taking out the trash. It is no splendid adventure or passionate journey but rather the next necessary ceremony after graduating seminary, an unquestionable obligation for those past a certain age, a mindless rite rather than an all-encompassing whirlwind of human experience. It is obvious that she went into that marriage with visions of minivans, playgroups, and lots and lots of Uncle Moishy and the Mitzva Men, rather than being passionately flung up against the wall by a mask-wearing Zorro-look-alike and stripped down to the racy red garters and beyond. If she felt otherwise, she could never admit it to anyone, let alone do anything to make it a reality.

    I have no idea where she gets any idea that non-frum people have mask-wearing and red garters going on. I just did my taxes, I have to take out the trash in two days, and other than that, it is pretty mundane.

    Maybe she's just transferring onto the situation?

  2. Long time fan. Dispapointed in this selection of a blogger. First this is just one person's rant rather than the usual info. Besides, I checked out some of her other postings and they are not for a frum reader. (shows why she ranted). Please return to your usual wonderful and kosher posting.


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