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Mar 28, 2008

Burqa boy let go

Just a brief update - the news this morning (on the radio) said that the Burqa boy (the husband) was released from custody today and will remain under house arrest during the investigation. The Burqa babe (the wife) remains under arrest.

Anybody out there with legal knowledge of what this might mean and indicate?

I suspect that indicates the husband was less involved with what was going on. He will likely be in trouble for lesser charges of not informing the authorities of the beatings and incest, but it seems he was not actually part of the abuse itself.


  1. No - this is the burqa daddy.

    Burqa Boy, aged 28, was arrested by the police for suspected incest with his 8 year old sister.

  2. your burqa boy is really shawl boy - from what I hear the kids only were into the shawls and not the burqas. I have been calling the daddy burqa boy, but maybe I will switch to burqa daddy...

  3. The burka brother, age 28, addmitted incest with his sister.

    The covered hand hit and slamed.
    The covered eyes ignored incest.

    אבא תרחם

  4. well - the shawl boy just admitted to the police was they claimed he did.

    so much for the conspiracy theory

  5. I thought you might find this interview with the 18 year old son of the burka mom interesting.
    For those that don't speak hebrew, he denies abuse and incest but a picture is worth a thousand words. He has a blue/purple scar on right hand

  6. Have you guys seen the latest news from Australia? It seems the Israeli principal of a the most right wing charedi girls school was accused last week of sexually abusing a number of girls. When confronted and asked take a leave while the charges are investigated, she borrowed $100,000 from community members (before the charges became public knowledge) and skipped the country leaving her husband and her own 8 children behind. What is wrong with all these people?


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