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Mar 11, 2008

Moshe Feiglin recently received a letter from the British Home Office informing him that based on information and complaints received from other government departments and agencies, he would not be allowed to enter England. This is because of previous statements that define him as a radical, in which he called for war with the Palestinians.

Feiglin, at first, thought it was a joke so he ignored it, as he had no trip to England planned anyway. Soon after, a British journalist asked him about it, so he realized it was not a joke, but very serious.

Feiglin wrote to the British Home Office letting them know that he has no interest in traveling to England, in light of its pro-terror policies. This takes into consideration their banning of him but allowing top officials of Hizbollah to visit England at the same time without saying anything.

JoeSettler has penned his own letter to the British Home Office requesting they also ban him from entering England.

I find it a bit ironic that they banned Feiglin because of previous statements calling for launching a war with the PA. His most recent statements made, while everybody was calling for a military invasion of Gaza due to the Kassams shot on Sderot, was to reject calls for war. Feiglin was the only one to say we should not go to war in Gaza.

Granted, his reason is not because he has become a pacifist and is against such a war. The reason was because he knows Olmert will not enter such a war to win, rather just to (attempt to) transfer control of Gaza to Fatah instead of Hamas, and Olmert will not stay in with the determination to win. Considering that, it is not worth risking soldiers lives to transfer Gaza from one terrorist group to the hands of another terrorist group.

But the fact is that he, and only he, called for Olmert to not go to war in Gaza.

And England banned him while letting in Hezbollah's people.


  1. so that must be the reason why another moshe feiglin had trouble with passport control...

  2. Any way to view this list?

    Any way to view the list that Israel has? I'm tired of getting stopped everytime I enter or leave.


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