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Mar 31, 2008

interesting background on the Burqa woman (video)

how she met her husband, what she used to be like, why she did what she did, get it all here!


  1. I posted an English summary.

  2. Wow, that is horrifyingly.
    I think this sums up everything that is wrong with the Baal teshuva movement. I know this is an extreme case but these things have been going on for a long time. Anyone who lives near, or is familiar with large groups of BT's knows that a lot of times people become BT's because of emotional problems, hoping that the religion will solve them.

  3. One word: Psycho.

    I totally agree with anchorite.

  4. Anchorite,

    Some BTs do indeed have emotional problems, but that doesn't justify a slur against baal teshuva "movement", and implicitly against all BTs. You might be interested to know that many BTs do not publicly identify as such, perhaps to avoid attitudes such as yours.

    The video said that this woman grew up in a religious family, then became totally non-religious before becoming wacko-Taliban, all in an attempt to escape her psychological issues. So if anything, she's a counter-example to your comments. She was FFB and look how messed up she turned out to be.


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