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Mar 26, 2008

Burqa babe arrested (video)

This one is not quite as funny as the one Jameel posted the other day... This woman was arrested today for, allegedly, abusing her 12 children (or some of them). She, allegedly, abused them physically and sexually.

She is a member of the group/cult of women who wear burqas along with multiple layers of clothes, claiming tzniyus as the ultimate goal and motive.

This just shows you that just because someone claims to be more religious, does not mean they are not crazy or sick. There are crazy and sick people in every group, no matter how secular or how religious they might be...


  1. i didn;t understand who the woman in white is

  2. LOZ - the woman in white is from a story last week of a woman in Jerusalem (the Wolfson towers if I remember correctly) who was arrested for child abuse on her children....

  3. too sad. Do rabbis realize the impact of sex abuse on people. They should come down hard on abusers.

    As for that lady in question, sad sad sad. What was she thinking?!

    How was she caught? I couldn't understand all the hebrew. Only 1% of it.

  4. Chutzpa! These are Chareidi women. They can do no wrong. As long as they are Chareidi nothing else matters.

    -Moishy Shternbuch

  5. Did you also have the impressioon that she looks and walks like the Penguin from Batman Returns?

    This whole Burka thing is wierd? Besides the joke you posted the other day, is there a movement among chareidi women to wear Burkas?? When and How did this happen??

  6. whats - have you been under a rock for the last 6 months??? :-)

    many blogs have written about it (which is why I have not), and it has been in the news a number of times....

    anyway - I have some more "shocking" news I will soon be posting

  7. She's not accused of sexually abusing the children: she is accused of being aware of incest taking place in her home and doing nothing about it.

    This may be a distinction without a difference; silence, especially of the mother of the abused children, is contributory. But it's important to get the facts right.

    What I found most interesting was the possibility of a connection between religious extremism and pathology; it may be a symptom of an underlying problem. So if you have anyone in your neighborhood who, by the local standards, extreme in their religious behavior, they may be more than just confused or greasy. They may actually be dangerous.


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