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Mar 7, 2008

interview with the guy who shot the terrorist in the head (video)

By now you all know about the terrorist attack in Jerusalem tonight. Below is a clip from the news. The reporter interviewed the Yeshiva student who shot the terrorist in the head.


  1. as the man said,these young innocent children murdered,with guns given to the murderrers by ehud olmert yemach shemo,
    this criminally insane,traitorous
    gangster,has turned all of israel into another auschwitz and another warsaw gheto,where jewish men women and children are bombarded day and night,and children slaughtered in their schools.
    just pray to god that his cancer spreads real fast,and this traitorous swine, this jewish kapo dies a most paifull death,before he has a chance to completely destroy our g-d given israel


  2. From what browser said, I understand why the Israeli media did not include him in their report

    Also, the video is not available anymore.

  3. THank you for publicizing an important video that the government is trying to censor

  4. rafi, sorry, this isn't the dude who shot the terrorist. According to jpost, it was Capt. David Shapira:

  5. Abbi - there is a big controversy, and seemingly some sort of cover up going on.
    I am not sure what to post because I am unclear as to the details. They first reported that Dadon shot him twice, and then Shapira finished the job. Now there is no reference to Dadon and only that Shapira shot him.

    People are complaining that there is some sort of cover up that they did not want to give the credit to a yeshiva guy (who is an officer in the army reserves, if I am not mistaken), but chose to give the credit to the army guy (who used to learn in the yeshiva, if I am not mistaken).

    Also, it seems his placing the blame on olmert and Peres in the interview because they give weapons to the Arabs upset some people and that might be why they are giving the credit elsewhere.

    Whatever the truth is, I am sure we have not heard the end of this story.

  6. The guy in the jpost report is frum and a yeshiva alum- so, that negates the idea that they wouldn't want to give credit to a yeshiva guy.

    Also, it seems a bit fishy to me that the guy doing the shooting would jump on camera immediately for an interview. It was so chaotic that night, pple were in such shock, it could have been that this guy thought he did it but really didn't.

    If the gov't really wanted to do a cover up, they should have covered up the fact that the police wouldn't even go in the building while the shooting was going on. That's even worse. Also, people say anti-gov't stuff on TV all the time, why would this be different? The censors have more important stuff to keep quiet like actual military secrets. I really don't think they waste time on shell shocked yeshiva students. Sorry, I just don't buy it.

  7. Yes, I googled myself. I think this is just fodder for conspiracy-oriented bloggers and second amendment freaks in the us. (that one really made me throw up a little in my mouth).

    Notice the early haaretz article said he had a rifle- others say he had a pistol. His whole story just doesn't seem plausible.

  8. don't know. I only posted the initial interview with the press. beyond that - I know nothing more than anyone else.


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