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Mar 4, 2008

John Rambo going into Gaza.... hmmmm (video)

There was recently an evening of solidarity with Sderot in Los Angeles. They had performers involved and actors, actresses and politicians joined in to declare their solidarity.

Here is a short clip of the event.. it is the only clip i have found so far... (Kol Isha alert: there are a few seconds at the beginning of the clip of Ninet Tayeb singing)

Sylvester Stallone, aka John Rambo, is presented with an interesting question - what would Rambo do to solve the problem. he got out of it elegantly, because I guess he did not want to say anything like go into Gaza and wipe out the whole place...


  1. also forgot the kol isha warning. some people care about that

  2. Click to Care Campaign Sderot!


  3. You have to be joking. Kol isha is a live woman- not a recording- Just like you can't be yotzeh on a bracha heard over the phone or on videotape.

  4. Rav Eliezer Waldenberg (Teshuvot Tzitz Eliezer 5:2) paskened like this based on two considerations:

    1. The the Gemara (Sanhedrin 45a) states, “The Yetzer Hara is not interested in what the eyes do not see.”

    2. Technically, he does not hear the woman’s voice because radio broadcasts and recordings are mere electronic reproductions of the woman’s voice.

    Rav Waldenberg writes that if we cannot fulfill Mitzvot such as Tekiat Shofar and Kriat Megila when hearing them on the radio, then the prohibition of Kol Isha does not apply over the radio.

  5. that psak makes a lot of sense to me....

    but there are different opinions and it bothered that guy...
    BTW, I am generally careful not to put up women singing, but this was just for a 2 second portion at the beginning of the clip, so I let it slide because the rest of the clip was so interesting...


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