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Mar 3, 2008

an askan talks about everything from Gays to Lipa to Shlock Rock to Hillary (video)

YeshivaWorld.com interviewed R' Yehuda Levin who is an askan in NY. They discussed issues, such as supporting Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, the Gay Parade, the recent fight and ban on the Big Concert with Lipa Schmeltzer and more... I found it very interesting...

If you want to hear him talk about Shlock Rock, check out the minute marker at about 32:15..


  1. What exactly is an "askan"?

  2. LoZ,

    Are you asking me, because I have no idea.

  3. I always thought it was defined as an activist, but he defines it as a "politico"

  4. activist = macher

  5. he can't be a real askan as no one under thirty knows him and no one over 30 cares to remember him.
    He brings haskamos from dead Rabonim, big freaking deal I can say and show you a haskomo from R' Moshe Feinstien and R' Yaakov Kamenestky and R' Mordechai Gifter , big woop they are all dead and no one can go and ask them about it.
    He thinks he can change the world and make us all "frummer"
    Yeah right!

  6. I never heard of him before, but I am not from NY/NJ...

    But you gotta be impressed with how he got involved in those issues and who he was able to influence. Cool stories. Even if you think he is a jerk.


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