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Mar 9, 2008

Headline of the Day (hotd)

Poll: 20% of Israelis believe state provides inadequate welfare services (Army Radio)


Another way of putting that statistic would be to say 80% of Israelis think the welfare services provided by the state are adequate. This way makes the statistic seem pretty good.

And, would it be unreasonable to assume that this 20%, or at least most of them, who are not satisfied, are people who are living on welfare and want more money?


  1. http://glz.msn.co.il/NewsArticle.aspx?newsid=16390

    Rafi, I think you misread the article. The statistic you are quoting is that only 20% of the sample believe that if they find themselves in need of social services help, they will get adequate help from the system. This isn't just welfare payments (although that's part of it). It's a host of other things, even honest hard-working people might need at some point. It's help for disabled, it's medicine and medical care, it's disability payments, it's affordable child care for working mothers, it's mental health care, just to mention a few.

  2. Risa - I did not see a specific article. All I saw was that one line that I quoted (it was scrolling on the Haaretz headline update/breaking news).
    Thanks for the clarification.


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