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Mar 27, 2008

The Burqa Boy turns up

A benign update on the whole burqa scandal --

People were wondering where the husband was in the all this. Why was he not arrested? How did he not know? Where was he this whole time?
I heard on the radio late last night that the husband has been abroad for the past month. He arrived yesterday back in Israel. He was met by the police at the airport and was immediately taken in for questioning.

Rumors had it that he hated his wife because of what she did and turned into, and was hardly ever home because of her. If that rumor is true, I do not know why he never divorced her.

We will soon find out what his role in all this was...


  1. Im always curious where you find your information, you are hotter than ynet during a war...

    nevertheless, and I dont claim to be a marriage counselor, but I have seen/heard of people who know that getting divorced is either not worth it, or will make their life worse than it is now. Its possible that he felt he could still have some balance in the family by staying there. Its also possible that she would never let him come near the kids if he left. Or (and more likely) if he left her, she would make sure he would be so hated and dispised that his life would be so miserable it would not be worth leaving.

    These poeple make a lot of noise and they know how to get their loshon hora around. Crazy people do crazy things.

    All this however, does not justify his actions. From your little article it sounds to me like a case of staying quiet and hoping it all goes away...

    This will be interesting anyway it happens.

  2. Why didnt they divorce if they werent happy?

    Simple, Chareidi rules:


    A divorce would ruin shidduchim for the next 3 generations.

    Divorces should only happen when all the kids are married off.

    Till then, suffer or find a pilegesh.

    -Solly Perlstein

  3. it is also possible that it is just a rumor and he was really part of it and supportive.

  4. Anon,

    According to what I've been reading, these women are considered nuts even in chareidi circles, and have even been pulled off of buses for their extreme behavior. I think that if the parents divorced, it would show that at least one parent is sane, and increase the chances of shidduchim.

  5. Jpost merely says "The Beit Shemesh resident is also suspected of failing to report multiple cases of incest among her children."

    That could mean ANYTHING.. maybe the sicko son in law ? maybe she didnt know or tried or ver veist..

    Not defending her as a whole.. put people judge too fast.

    Some of that stuff I got from my dad! I got the belt when I was real bad! I hated it but hey it's good when you grow up and know that BS isnt tolerated in the world and you have to pay for your actions.

  6. RAFI:

    "the husband has been abroad for the past month."

    this has probably been going on for a lot longer than a month

  7. LOZ - lol..

    people were wondering why only she was arrested and not him. The news said he just returned from being abroad for the past month and was taken in from the airport for questioning...

    He, according to the rumors, was leaving his house as often as he could and spending as much time as possible away from it (even in Israel).

    I do not know if the rumors are true.

  8. "find out?"
    The truth will never come out.


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