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Mar 31, 2008

UTJ attacks Shas over Beitar Elite

The news is reporting that UTJ is stepping up its protest activity against the government - specifically against Olmert and Shas.

They are upset about the freeze on building construction. Because Olmert tells Shas that jerusalem is not on the table, despite everyone else (including those doing the actual negotiating) saying it is actively being discussed, Shas has chosen to believe Olmert and say Jerusalem is not on the table and therefore they have no reason to leave the government coalition.

UTJ has found the next weak spot and have decided to attack there. Beitar Elite is a Haredi "settlement" in the Gush Eztion area. Building contruction there has been frozen. This is a big blow as there is a shortage of homes availabel to the Haredi public, which has a high level of natural expansion.

Shas has promised that there would be no freeze in Beitar, yet the facts on the ground are that no new construction has received permits from the PMO.

UTJ has opened up a war, both with pressuring Olmert and trying to force Shas to threaten to leave the government unless permits are given for construction in Beitar.

These are signs that went up last night in Bet Shemesh. I assume they also were put up in Yerushalayim and other places...
It says "Shas is freezing Beitar", clearly laying the blame on Shas in an attempt to pressure them to pressure Olmert...

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