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Mar 10, 2008

another Purim cherem has been announced...

(from an anonymous reader)

Vaad Rabonnim Le’Inyonei Tachboset Purim

We are delighted to announce the formation of a new vaad to supervise the recent proliferation of Purim customes, some of which have been found to be inappropiate.

We hereby declare the following types of costumes to be forbidden:

Non-kosher animals

Including alligators, anteaters, apes, armadillos, badgers, bats, bears, beavers, bison, butterflies, camels, caribou, cats, cheetas, chipmunks, crabs, crocodiles, dinasours, dogs, dolphins, donkeys, eels, elephants, ferrets, foxes, frogs, gorillas, hamsters, hedgehogs, hippototamuses, horses, hyenas, iguanas, kangaroos, koalas, kudus, lions, lobsters, monkeys, mooses, mice, octopuses, otters, pandas, pine martins, pigs, platypuses, polar bears, rabbits, racoons, rats, rhinocerouses, seahorse, seals, sharks, snails, snakes, spiders, tarsiers, tigers, turtles, walruses, whales, wildebeest, wolves, worms, yaks, zebras.

Non-Kosher people

Chinese, Arabs and other goyim, witches and wizards, sorcerers.

If anyone has other suggestions so we can create an exhaustive list please be in touch with the vaad. Confidentiality will be ensured.

Thank you and Purim samayach.


  1. Please tell me this is Purim Torah...

    The Wolf

  2. If bears are mentioned, why the need for a separate "polar bear" mention? Or are polar bears not bears?

    Of course, this means that I'm banned too (fourth from the end of the list).

    The Wolf

  3. as the title says "A Purim cherem"...

    thought the funny thing is, my kids school, and others like it, have already banned many of the things included in this letter...(and what was not listed was included in the genral spirit of the school ban - they only gave some examples)

  4. as the title says "A Purim cherem"...

    Thanks. In today's world, you never know.

    The Wolf

  5. My small ones want to be a policeman and a monkey. Are policemen goyish? Rabbi, please advise.

  6. hmmmm... I think as long as he dresses up like an Israeli policeman it should be ok. but not yassam.

  7. I am going to be a black gangsta rapper!!

    Last year I randomly found some stuff and decided what the heck.. it was a HUGE hit with the soldiers and arsim though the rest of chevron was scratching their heads in confusion..

    A bandana, a cripes hat (LA DODGERS)bling bling (a.k.a. ice)oversized fubu pants, oversized shirt.. some thug shades and a pistol in my belt in the front.. next I need a big boom box..

    Sad part is this costum requires absolutely NO creatively... I just bring to mind the streets of ny and miami..

  8. What is a dinosaur?

  9. lol hey, don't give them ideas!

  10. Yes! My sons Dragons costume is OK!

    Oh, and so they prove that dinosaurs are real, by the fact that they are a non-kosher - ma she'ain kayn my dragon costume!


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