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Mar 10, 2008

new Davening G'Mach

To me, "Davening G'mach" sounds like it should be a gmach where if you cannot make it to davening one day, somebody else would daven that day for you (I would so overuse that kind of a gmach!).

Actually, it is not that, but read the email below that was sent to a local email list... and here you have the "Davening G'Mach"...

Chazal tell us that if someone davens for the needs of his friend, and he
needs the same thing, he will benefit first.
Many of us have something which we daven for (health, parnassa, children, etc) and there are others that need the same thing.
We have created an anonymous tefillah exchange program. Let us know what it is you need, and we will give you the name of someone who needs the same thing. You daven for them, they will daven for you. It is free, and completely anonymous. Email us at KolHamispalel@gmail.com


  1. what a great way to fool God!
    (but make sure he doesn't read your blog, rafi, or He might figure out how we are trying to pull one over His eyes).

    but really now, the idea behind that chazal is that if you care more about other people than yourself (even, or especially, people with the same problems that you yourself have), God will repay your selflessness and concern about others by helping you first.
    but do you really think that you can "fool" God by some sort of warped idea that I pray for you if you pray for me and God will think that we'er both so unselfish and altruistic and reward us?
    and if so, by making the prayer "completely anonymous" (i.e. I don't know or even care who it is that i am praying for since i'm only doing it for the "points" anyway)
    is kind of missing the point.

  2. this wouldn't be the only reason for me to hope He does not read my blog!

  3. lo lishma - ba lishma - even if it is just for a segula the person has to daven for another in order for it to "work" - by definition that is the intention.


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