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Mar 17, 2008

Purim questions from soldiers in the IDF.

My shul, Beis Tefilla Yona Avraham, in conjunction with Pirchei Shosham Shulchan Aruch Learning Program, has made available for Purim a great shiur in pdf format.

It is a compilation of questions about Purim and how to deal with its various obligations while on active duty, asked by soldiers in the IDF. It is very interesting, and is available for you to download and learn from.


And while you are there, feel free to look around the shul's general shiurim website and download a plethora of shiurim on a wide range of topics in mp3 format.


  1. Found your settler blog through DovBear.

    What a load of &^%$#@.

  2. and what is a "settler blog"? and what makes this one?

    even if you ascribe to the terminology of calling someone who lives over the Green Line a "settler", I do not live over the Green Line. So what makes this a settler blog?

  3. sorry - my answer misrepresented my intent.

    I really meant to say - I do not qualify to have the honor of being called a "settler blog". My heart is with them, but, alas, I live not beyond the Green Line, but within. Therefore I am not called a settler, and my blog, I guess, would also not be called a "settler blog".

    Such a title is an honor I have not achieved...

  4. Rafi- Maybe it's a guilt by association thing. After all, you do hang with JoeSettler (self-explanatory) and there's no denying that Jameel's house is in the West Bank.

    Or it could just be that Tyrone's magically divined the color of your kippah through your posts. In which case, he should really be using his talents to fight crime.

  5. seems to be, along with the fact that I clearly sympathize with the "settlers" and not with the Palestinians. But the title "settler blog" is still an honor I have not earned or deserving of...

  6. Am I the only one who is convinced that "tyrone" is a joke?

    I mean, come on. IDF_shu"t == IDF_shoot?

    DovBear = right-wing?


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