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Mar 25, 2008

Headline of the Day (hotd)

Shas Ministers' wives do not listen to Rav Ovadia Yosef

----Israel Today (Yisrael HaYom) newspaper (among others)

As many people commented - The Shas ministers don't listen to him, so why should their wives!!!

Some background - Rav Ovadia Yosef is famously against women wearing sheitels, rather they should be covering their hair with hats or tichels in his opinion. The outstanding psak among the sefardim, from what I understand, is generally like Rav Ovadia Yosef.

I did not pay enough attention to the story to understand why this suddenly got into the news now. Somehow the discussion came up before Rav Mazuz, a very important Sefardi Rabbi, and he spoke very harshly against the fact that many sefardi women, including the wives of most of the Shas ministers (who are closest to Rav Ovadia so they should be listening to him all that much more) wear sheitels, against the psak of Rav Ovadia.

It has been true for a very long time. Many, many sefardi women wear sheitels. I suspect it has to do with the drive to be ashkenazy and appear ashkenazy and copy the ashkenazy, but that is just my guess.

One more interesting thing that Rabbi Mazuz said was that this is just as bad as chilul shabbos. I am not sure if he meant the fact that they do not listen to Rav Ovadia is just as bad as chilul shabbos, or if he meant wearing sheitels is just as bad as chilul shabbos..


  1. I thought THIS was a REALLY good headline:

    "Forecasters warn of flooding in Ark." (as in Arkansas)

    Well, can YOU think of a better place for flooding? :)

    Maybe they'll serve waffles on the Ark... LOL

  2. "I suspect it has to do with the drive to be ashkenazy and appear ashkenazy and copy the ashkenazy, but that is just my guess."

    it could also be a desire to be more feminine in public (or in extreme cases, to be a hot channie).

    here in brooklyn, it is fairly common to see sephardic women in shaitels, especially at simchas

  3. am - Ha Ha! I love it!

    LOZ - could be, but is that a good enough reason to go against halacha and your rav (I am not asking, I mean, would they really go against their rav for that reason - from their viewpoint)

  4. it seems to me that they aren't followin the takannah of rabbeinu gershom either against polygamy...

    If they write the minister's wives it means the many wives of one minister. The correct way to imply the wives of the many ministers would be to say the ministers' wives.

  5. thanks, rachel, for the correction..
    it was my mistake, not theirs.. the articles were in Hebrew, not English.

  6. The sexiest sheitel me and my wife ever saw was on the head of ROY's grand daughter.

    Of course, it was the daughter of ROY's pritzus daughter that went and started a college for women.

    See what college can do?

    -Solly Perlstein


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