May 3, 2021

Netanyahu's chaos

PM Netanyahu's mandate for forming a government expires tonight. He might or might not get the mandate extended - that remains to be seen, but for now it expires tonight. 

The last day of the [initial] mandate has brought with it some chaos, as Netanyahu is blaming everyone else for his failure to form a government (again) - first Smotritch (after Netanyahu tried to put him in a corner by involving the DL rabbinate), and then Bennett and Saar. Bennett basically responded by saying stop blaming me for your failure, I was willing to join if you could form a government, and Saar said my voters voted against a Netanyahu government and nothing has changed about that.

So basically Netanyahu is stuck. 

Now we wait to see if Netanyahu's efforts over the past couple of weeks to prevent Lapid from getting the mandate will work or not. It seemed that he was investing far more effort in blocking Lapid than in putting his own government together. Maybe he knew he couldn't so his only chance would be to block Lapid.

Tonight/tomorrow should be interesting as we see what president Rivlin decides to do next, or if Netanyahu can pull a rabbit out at the last minute.

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1 comment:

  1. As if it's anyone's responsibility to hand Bibi a government...


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