Dec 20, 2009

Saudi Feminists and Polyandry

The funniest article I have read recently was one in Ynetnews about a Saudi who wrote an article suggesting that just as men in Saudi Arabia are allowed to have multiple wives - up to four, specifically, so too Saudi women should be allowed to have multiple husbands.

Her call for polyandry was in the name of equality.
A Saudi female journalist stirred a row in Egypt after publishing an article in favor of polyandry for women.

The piece, published in the al-Masri al-Yaum newspaper, promotes the notion that women should be allowed to marry several partners, similarly to the right enjoyed by Muslim men. According to Islamic law, a man is allowed to be married to four different women at any given time, as long as he treats them equally.

However, journalist Nadin al-Badir suggested that polyandry be permitted to both women and men. The female writer also proposed that Muslim men be banned from marrying more women merely because they are bored with their current partners.

According to a BBC report Friday, a parliament member already filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for publishing the provocative item. s could be expected, the article also elicited angry responses among Muslim clerics, who argued that the ideas presented in it are anti-Islamic and that the journalist had no right to attack tradition.

And of course it concludes with the explanation that:
However, one cleric defended the article, claiming that it did not constitute an attempt to promote polyandry among women, but rather, it aimed to expose readers to the suffering of women as result of their husbands' conduct.
tha Talkbacks were also pretty funny, specifically #3 who said
Muslim Feminism: We also want to be backward and stupid like our husbands!" Why are they such morons?


  1. Any updates to report on RBSG?

  2. nope. court had hearing. offered compromise that was rejected by Housing Ministry, and said would convene again (I dont know when) to render a decision or to hear more arguments.
    The court was in favor of allocating a certain percentage of the housing for children of locals.

  3. Does she want to be beaten up by four husbands instead of just one?

  4. lol. yoni - you are on a roll today. please comment on the Litzman post.. :-)

  5. Rafi,

    I was thinking about it, but it could only get me in trouble. Believe it or not, I have red lines.


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