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Aug 17, 2008

Abbas the Strong Man!!

Mahmoud Abbas must already be much strong than somebody like the Terminator, with the amount of moves Israel has made for the sole purpose of "strengthening Abbas".
Today Olmert and his cabinet approved releasing another 200 terrorists, including murderers with blood on their hands, for no particular reason other than to strengthen Abbas once again. Not for Shalit, not for quiet, not for anything. Just to make Abbas seem strong.

Perhaps with all the things we have done to strengthen Abbas, perhaps it is time for Abbas to represent the Palestinian people in the Olympics as a weightlifter or a wrestler. The Arab nations, all of them together, have been extremely disappointed by the lack of results of their Olympians. Maybe Abbas should be their collecting medals for them!

And if all our moves to strengthen him have not made him any stronger, why would another one be any different???


  1. Too bad Abbas didn't do anything to strengthen Olmert before it was too late.



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