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Aug 6, 2008

upcoming tiyul to Har Eval

Next Wednesday there are two organized trips to the Mizbeach at Har Eval, arguably the most important archaeological find in existence. Because of its location special permission from the army is needed to go there, hence there are very few opportunities to go.

One trip is going through Machon Chelkat HaSadeh (9973106), leaving Shavei Shomron at 9.
Another trip the same day is going through Midreshet Shomron (09-8841359 09-8841623), leaving Shavei Shomron the same day (August 13) at 930. The latter trip costs 50 shekel.

If you are curious what this is about, or if you just want to take the tiyul vicariously, Jameel went on this tiyul two years ago...

I won't be able to go, but if you can, this sounds like one you don't want to miss...


  1. it's on my list for next time i go to israel. but my cousin pointed out various significant sites that we could see from the yishuv when i stayed there with them years ago.

    it's wonderful to be able to actually to see the actual place though. history coming alive.

  2. i was just thinking the other day "wouldn't it be cool to be able to go there, but due to the security situation i'll never be able to."

    hopefully i can get off work that day :)


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