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Aug 3, 2008

Joke of the Day (jotd)

The Knesset, fed up with corruption among elected officials, passed a law. Every guilty official must walk into the Mediterranean to a depth consistent with the degree of guilt.

So, Chaim Ramon, accused of kissing a woman who merely wanted a photograph, goes out up to his ankles.

Finance Minister [Avraham] Hirschson, guilty of financial shenanigans, goes in up to his knees.

President [Moshe] Katzav, guilty of serial sexual harassment, goes in until the Mediterranean laps his chin.
Someone walking by on shore calls, "Katzav, why are you only out to where the water is up to your chin?" The disgraced president replies, "I'm standing on Olmert's shoulders.

(HatTip: RW)

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