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Aug 24, 2008

another sponsor of the Bloggers Conference

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The recent NBN jbloggers conference had been sponsored very publicly by IsraelMall and by Sun. There was really another sponsor that joined late in the game. For some reason, perhaps because of the lateness of their joining the program, their name was less noticed. Yes, they got full mention at the event, but they did not have a booth, and they might have been less noticed.

This sponsor would be Office Depot.

What does Office Depot have to do with a jbloggers conference promoting aliyah? I don't really know. Perhaps because they sell computer equipment that bloggers can use. Also, I am now told, they went through a lot of effort to become sponsors because they believe aliyah is important.

But regardless of that, Office Depot is a great store where you can find pretty much whatever you need for your computer needs, office needs, gadgets, phones, school supplies and more. Their prices are reasonable. I know that when I walk in to an Office Depot store, I have a hard time stopping myself from buying all sorts of equipment they have on display.

The best part is you don't even have to get up and go to their store if you do not want to. They have a website from where you can order anything you need.

They say supply is promised within 24 hours of the purchase, and delivery is free for any purchase of over 300NIS (less than that will incur a delivery fee of 20NIS).

They are always running sales on various items. Every week they have a new lineup of sale prices on various items. You can take advantage of their sales either by going into any branch or by buying from the Office Depot website.

So check out Office Depot, sponsors of the 2008 1st annual NBN Jbloggers Conference.

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  1. I think that's very mentchlich (?) of you to post that.


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