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Aug 3, 2008

Zionist parks and breeches in tznius

About 2 weeks ago, the City of Bet Shemesh knocked down a couple of containers that were put up illegally in a city-owned plot of land and declared to be a shul.

I wrote about it initially and then decided to not to write about the follow-up incidents and postings..The situation ended up becoming a war of pashkevils...

The kannoim distributed, and advertised, their pashkevils that included a series of inflammatory pictures depicting the destruction of a shul, even with people sitting inside on the floor weeping the destruction of thre shul. Another one describing the pogrom the city performed against them using nazi-like methods to destroy the shul. etc.

Then the neighbors (a Haredi community), who had reprtedly been the ones to call the City and complain about the land theft of the kannoim, put out a couple of their own pashkevils calling on the kannoim to stop ruining their lives and this plot was meant to be a park for their kids, etc..

It was a nice little meaningless fight that I decided initially to ignore.

A couple of days ago the kannoim put out a pashkevil that I find to humurous to not post here.

The pashkevil says that aside from the protest against the Zionist municipality which is part of the heretical government, and aside from the protest against the mosrim who lift their hand up against Toras Moshe, we declare we have no desire for a Zionist Park in our neighborhood, as the Zionim are sinners and cause people to sin....., along with the evil that comes along with the park, such as problems in tznius.

Sorry, but I could not not post that pashkevil. A Zionist park. Problems of tznius so they have to oppose the park.

(For good measure, I have one more post on the issue coming up in the next couple of days)

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