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Aug 5, 2008

They knew it all in advance

This is what I hope will be the last post in the saga of the caravans/containers put up illegally in a plot in Bet Shemesh and then knocked down by the city.

As mentioned, after the incident, the kannoim publicized their attack calling it a pogrom, and how dare they knock down a shul, and even how their shul is more important than a Zionist park that will be not tzanua, etc.

The incident was initially portrayed as "suddenly the city came in and knocked it down".

I was therefore shocked to read in this weeks Bet Shemesh newspapers the response from the City Spokesperson, Yehuda Gur-Aryeh. NOTE: I saw it in the general papers of Bet Shemesh. I did not see it in the Haredi magazine Chadash, except in part in the Letters to the Editor section (i.e. they did not give the City Spokesperson the space to publicize the City's response in full, but they published part of it as though it was a letter to the editor).

Yehuda Gur-Aryeh wrote that they put up these caravans without permission on property that was designated to be used as a park. Many residents had called in to complain about it. Therefore, the city sent otu a tzav harisa - a demolition order. They understood the seriousness of the matter and requested an extension. The exptension was given, upon condition and agreement of the representative giving a bank guarantee of 30,000NIS which would be used for paying for the removal of the caravans by July 20 (17 Tammuz) (during which time they would try to obtain permission for keeping the caravans in place).

Gur-Aryeh attaches a copy of the gaurantee signed by the representative of the community. The guarantee says:
1. I, signed below, Avraham Zvi Schottland, id#029329992, from Ben-Kisma 21 in Bet Shemesh, am the representative of the Ahslag community, I assure and declare in my name and the name of the community that within 14 days we will remove the caravans from plot 531.

2. We agree that if we do not uphold our agreement, the City and the Building Committee will be authorized to destroy and/or remove the structure. All expenses will be upon us. We openly agree to an extension of the demolition order.

3. To assure this guarantee, we have deposited by the Iryah a bank check for the sum of 30,000NIS. The Iryah will be allowed to use this money for the purpose of paying for the removal/demolition of the structure if we do not stand up to our agreement.

4. We gaurantee that we will not perform any renovations or structural work on the structure until the time of its removal.

5. We know putting up the structure requires a building permit.

Signed, Avraham Tzvi Schottland

So after all that, after the fight, after calling it a pogrom, after calling them Nazis and fighting with the neighbors who want a park, it turns out the upcoming demolition was known in advance and agreed to in advance. It was even paid for by the Ashlag community! Yet they had no problem attacking city property in an act of retribution and then treating the city as if they are a bunch of Nazis who knock down shuls.


  1. Where did they get the 30,000 NIS from? Is there a demolition fund? Did they really deposit it?

  2. don't know. it must be to pay for the bulldozers and whatever else is needed...

  3. They raised it from the new Kupa set up for the kanoim of Bet and Nachla Umenucha that Rabbi Eidensohn of the Kupa RBSA supports.

    He spoke at their Melave Malka as reported here to support them and "keep RBS from becoming too modern".

    It was for just such matters (and peshkavilim) that this Kupa was established.

  4. This is frumkeit? This is yosher?

    I don't recognize this as fitting into anything I know (too little indeed) about Hashem's Torah.

    A true hillul Hashem and bizayon.

  5. I constantly wonder if we practice the same religion as these people. It is almost like they are reform Jews, just going to the other extreme. And the chilul hashem they do is beyond explanation.

  6. What does that mean that they were part of the Ashlag Community? Are they talmidim/Chassidim of one of the Ashlag's? I did not know that the Ashlags were extremists.

  7. I do not know anything about the Ashlag community. That is the name that I had heard was involved, and that was the name used in the papers.


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