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Aug 11, 2008

the banned Nissan ad (video)

The Saudis got upset at the following ad the Israeli importer of Nissan was running.. the ad pokes fun at the Saudis by introducing a more fuel efficient car. When the Saudi shiekh sees it, he flips out and attacks the car.
The Suadis threatened a boycott of Nissam unless the ad would be pulled. After initially holding out, Nissan finally decided to pull the ad.

Since they are pulling the ad, I feel like showing it, because it is pretty funny, until they get Youtube to pull it as well....


  1. the ad is great. the objections to it are so stupid

  2. http://www.hamercaz.com/hamercaz/site/mfile.php?id=3271

    just in case youtube takes it down.

  3. I loved this ad. I thought it was great. I saw it on TV a bunch of times already. :D

  4. Its incredible how much power the saudis have. That in a foreign country, they can force an ad to be taken down.

    I cant wait for the day the Bnei Yaakov rule over Bnei Yishmael.

  5. This ad is not so bad either...


    One of the worst injustices on the planet is that the Arabs have oil reserves.

  6. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Great ad. But,lets say that instead of Arabs we would have Charedim on an ad. If this happened in Chutz laarets, we might see antisemitism in it. If it happened in Israel, charedim and maybe other religious Jews would probably be up in arms, while they would themselves laugh at this ad.

  8. bohr salino:

    That happened this past year in Israel...

    YES (Satellite TV) has an ad for their new HDTV service starring hundreds of dancing Chareidim to the tune of YMCA.

    The Chareidim got YES to pull the ad.

    It can be seen here:


  9. Jameel

    I remember that. It is a paradox that we can laugh at others but others cannot laugh at us. I guess its human nature.
    I personally think that consistency, if not intellectual honesty should work both ways.
    I know there are a lot of antisemites around but still..

  10. bohr salino:

    I laughed at the Chareidi ad, and at the Arab ad...and try to laugh at myself as well.

    Maybe I'm not always successful, but its something to strive for.


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