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Aug 26, 2008

another observation from our tiyul

Sometimes a 12 year old does know what she is talking about!

My daughter kept insisting we go to a certain waterfall. She told us she had been there with her class on a school trip and it is a lot of fun. She told us where she thought it was, but we had no luck finding it on the map.

We were making fun of her, in good nature, that she made it up or she just had no idea where it was.

We finally agreed to go where she thought it was located. We followed the path down, and lo and behold, there it was! Despite it not being n the map!

Sometimes a 12 year old does know what she is talking about!


  1. My almost-12 year old daughter almost always knows what she's talking about. I ask her opinion very frequently.
    Never underestimate your children's intelligence.

  2. You really can never trust the map. It was probably made before the waterfall ever existed.

  3. could be, but I have a 2008 edition. Maybe they just never updated that part of it...

  4. Please share with us the name and location of said waterfall so that we may visit as well.


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