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Aug 11, 2008

ISS passing over Israel (new video)

The International Space Station is in orbit passing over Israel over the next few days.. if this kind of stuff interests you, here are the details...

Observer's location:

Jerusalem , 31.7670°N, 35.2330°E

Local time zone:

Israeli Daylight Time (UTC + 3:00)


343 x 357 km, 51.6° (Epoch Aug 10)

Click on the date to get a star chart and other pass details.

11 Aug0.520:20:0310W 20:21:4715SW 20:23:3010SSW
13 Aug0.819:36:3510W 19:37:5913SW 19:39:2410SSW

and here is a video - someone just sent this to me - of the ISS flying over RBS last night.......

(Hattip: zr)


  1. looks like an airplane to me!!
    how will we know if it's a plane or the ISS?

  2. I have no idea... I guess you have to see it and see if you can tell the difference

  3. This happens all over the world just about every day. Visit heavens-above.com, enter your location, and it will calculate the viewing times for the ISS and many other satellites.

  4. And by the way, the ISS does not look anything like a plane. More like a slow-moving shooting star.

  5. I was curious so I went out last night at 8:18 to take a look. I stayed outside for about 10 minutes and saw nothing other than a few stars. It was a clear night, but maybe I just did not know where to look or my view was too obstructed...

  6. It was there last night just further west (over the mountains) and lower in the sky. It was too far from my porch to record.


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