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Aug 21, 2008

But my name is in the Bible!

The NBN conference last night was great. It was a well-organized event, with good food, and it was nice to meet fellow bloggers and readers, many of whom I am in fairly regular contact with, either via the blogs or via email. I am not going to list names of people I met, because I am sure to forget someone...

The best part of the evening was when Bibi got up to speak and he took a moment to look around and comment on a couple of blog names. He scrunched up his face in wonderment and said, "Jewlicious?". Everybody laughed and after a moment, the Jewlicious rep said, "Netanyahu?"! Everybody roared in laughter, including Bibi. But Bibi is sharp and humurous and retorted, "But my name is in the Bible!"

The panel discussions were interesting and humurous. All the panelists were great. Hesh from Frum Satire was funny and even had a shout out to me when he spoke about a former commenter named ed who used to rant a lot unintelligently and saw I knew about him..

Two things I thought were lacking:
  1. A list of who was present should have been given out. It seemed awkward to walk around looking at people chests trying to read the name tags and trying to figure out if this is someone you were looking for. Knowing who would be there would have been nice so I could know to look for them and not to look for others who were not there...
  2. The theme was taking blogging to the next level. There was very little of that and really very little useful information. The panels were made up of the really big bloggers, and one would think that they are doing more, and have at least some more insights, than us little guys. Write for you, put your blog url in your signature, get links, etc. are all good advice, but pretty basic and something most of us already do. I was a bit surprised to see that they did not have anything special to mention. I guess it just means there is nothing special about them, and anybody can reach that level, if they just continue writing well, with passion, and get hooked up with massive lists that link to you once in a while..
They were also raffling off Dov Bear's new book. I thought I should get a free copy as a contributor to Dov Bear's blog, but that is not happening. Needless to say, I did not win the book. Also they raffled off a waffle maker that I did not win. I never win raffles, so I had no expectations and therefore no disappointments.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next years conference.


  1. I agree regarding the list of all participating. Hopefully, next year will see these refinements.

  2. I also wish there was a list of participants.

    (I also wished I had found a babysitter. But that was okay, my husband went. I hung around outside then went tiyuling w/the kids.)

  3. uh, you don't deserve a new book as dovbear is disappointed you didn't mention him.

    what'd you speak about?

  4. I enjoyed the meet very much. I met a lot of the folks I was looking forward to seeing. I missed a few who I would have been curious to see. I think next time it would be best to include more time for just mingling, or alternatively a few sessions with smaller workshops where small groups give more people a chance to interact.
    All in all, it was a unique experience and I'm glad I had the zechut to attend.

  5. I did not even get to mention my other blogs... they were having brief interviews with bloggers. It was about 2 minutes long, and they basically asked me where I am from and if I have a niche for my blog and then move don to the next person.

  6. Risa - I guess if you would want more time for mingling they would say to show up extra early...
    I agree maybe some workshops would be a good idea...

  7. louis, lezer kestenbaum from the ODA williamsburg is a terrible MENUVAL

  8. It was nice.

    A list would have been very nice. With the links to the blogs as well. NBn actually has the list, when we registered. Maybe if someone contacted them they would give it out.

  9. "The panels were made up of the really big bloggers, and one would think that they are doing more, and have at least some more insights, than us little guys."

    you're a big blogger in my book

    "I guess it just means there is nothing special about them"

    i sometimes wonder if it is luck or good timing or something else, because there are blogs out there whose wide popularity just doesn't seem to make sense to me.

  10. LOZ - ha ha... I am big (though not as big as WBM thought) and I blog, ergo I am a big blogger. To date I have achieved status as a lower end medium level blogger, ranging in the average unique hits of about 35--400 daily.
    The big boys get between 1200 - 3000 at least. I am not even close to that.

    I agree with your sentiments. But the flip side is that sometimes it does. Like Trep - he is an amazing writer. Sometimes the topic is amazing (like Gila from My Shrapnel). Sometimes it just does not make sense.

  11. We watched you on the webcast and many in the chatroom said, "Yay!" when we saw you. You certainly have some fans out here :)

    I think the conference was a good start - if they continue to do them, I am sure they will take lessons learned from this one to only make them better.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  12. B"H

    I think that your suggestions were very practical.

  13. orieyenta - thanks.

    it was a good conference, and I hope they find ways to improve it and make it even better in the future, whether it is my recommendations or those by others who made suggestions. whatever. It was very good and a lot of fun, and I hope they do it again next year.

  14. Maybe they can email us a list, since they have the info on computer. If it's emailed we can just click, nu?

    I guess you'll have to come back to Shiloh for waffles. Remember, my husband won the machine.

  15. lol. very true. I'll see when we can schedule it in...thanks for the invite!!

  16. Next time bring your gun so you won't feel left out!

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

  17. DT - I don't have one. Can you advise me how to get a license for one?

  18. Good luck. Living in RBS, with no military / police background, you stand exactly the same chance I do: 0.

  19. Enjoy this clip from the conference:




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