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Aug 28, 2008

frum guy singing the national anthem at White Sox-Orioles game (video)

The White Sox, that hated team from the South Side of Chicago (just joking, I don't really hate them, just ambivalent about them), has been playing a series against the Baltimore Orioles. In a game the other day down in Orioles Park, a frum Jew, Zevi Daniels, sang the National Anthem before the game...

Anybody know how you get such an honor? Who is this guy? He's got a nice voice, but let's say I wanted to do it - how would I go about it? (yeah right)..


  1. http://lifeofrubin.com/2008/08/14/member-of-aka-pella-to-sing-national-anthem/

  2. but can he put that tune to kedushah

  3. Hi Rafi, Thanks for posting!! Where did you find this originally?

  4. Zevi - can you answer Lion of Zions question?

    Zevi - great job. Someone emailed it to me (along with to many other people). I think it was starting to make the email rounds...


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