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Aug 4, 2008

correction on Hechshers in jerusalem restaurants

I wrote a short while back about the Kosherut organization headed by Rav Katz and Rav Levanon that recently took it upon themselves to investigate the true state of restaurants in Jerusalem to see if the hechsherim are doing their job, which better and which worse.

They produced a report with a review of their finding and a list of restaurants and their kashruth status and the organizations recommendation whether one can eat there or not.

Jameel sent me a notice put out by Kosherut amending the original report, and it is important to publicize.

The list of restaurants included a restaurant in Talpiot called Papagayo. I ate in Papagayo not oo long ago and found it to be excellent. It is a Brazillian meat place. The report recommends against eating there due to problems such as the mashgiach not always there so bishul problems for sfardim, and no reliable sifting of flour or removing of challah, etc.

Kosherut has put out a redaction of that recommendation against. Becuase Papagayo does not deal with making dough in the restaurant - all dough is ordered from an outside supplier, the above noted problem is not a problem. As well, the cooking is only done during the hours the mashgiach is present.

So because they have come into the new clarification of the situation at Papagayo, they have removed their recommendation against eating there.


  1. Now that I looked over the list...

    None of the Holy Bagels were listed. Neither were any of the Burger Kings. I wonder what that signifies.

    Apparently Burger's Bar went from having a very reliable Rabbanut Mehadrin certification to having one of the really bad Badatz ones.

    Most of the places on Emek and in and around the central bus station are problematic according to the investigating Rav. They all basically have the same issues (non-Jews, no Mashgiach, bread thing, etc). In addition, many have one of the bad certifications.

    I also noticed that the only 'stam' Rabbanut certified restaurants that all received an OK were all in Givat Shaul. Each and every other 'stam Rabbanut' place had the above issues as well as many of them having one of the bad Badatz hechshers.

    And... no eateries in Geula were investigated.

  2. pesky - He did not investigate every place, and some places did not let him in. He does not mention names of places he did not check. Maybe Holy Bagels or Burger Kings he just did not or could not get in to.

    Also, at the beginning of the report, he lists a numbe rof hechsherim that he considers good and reliable and therefore did not check. Those would likely include the various restaurants in Geulah, as they use those hechsherim in that list.

    I wonder why stam rabbanut places in one area would be ok and in another area would not be. Why is there a difference? Maybe the mashgiach covering one area does a better job than the mashgiach covering the second area? Do they divide the mashgiach work by areas, with one mashgiach covering a lot of restaurants in one area?

  3. pesky, rafi - I maybe missing something here but I have gone through the entire list and there are NO restaurants as far as I can see with only a regular Rabbanut hechshar that is recommended other than the correction mentioned in the post.

    I did notice that there is only one Rabbanut Mehadrin restaurant not recommended at all - Baget Martzinu on Yaffa.

    Many regular rabbanut restaurants rely on Heter Mechira and in addition have one of these illegal Bedatzes. Its very unlikely that a reputable Mehadrin would ever give a hechshar relying on heter mechira so this would be a good indication to anyone that something is untoward.

    I noticed that in the old city the Burgers Bar there had regular rabbanut (NON-heter) with an old city hechshar. Can anyone indicate how reliable this hechshar is? In addition does anyone know what hechshar the one in Mevasseret Zion has? Its right outside the yeshiva/Kollel so may well have a better hechshar. All the others i saw where rabbanut/Keter Kashrut.

  4. did you see this yet?


  5. I did not, but thanks for the link. I will take a look.

  6. Your all fuc king idiots for saying this bullshit about Hechshers. 1st of all all hechshers are kosher there is nothing wrong with Burger King or Burgers Bar or even Holy Bagel and what you have said is 100% pathetic Please explain what a "Bad Badatz" is and dont say stupid shit without using your brains.If you have any problems Send me a message at familyrose@hotmail.com


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