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Aug 4, 2008

Will Zippi Livni soon be pushed out of Kadima?

According to the various news reports, because of the rumors that Zippi Livni would drop out of Kadima if she would lose the upcoming primaries, somebody in Kadima asked all the candidates for comittments that they would stay in Kadima even if they would lose in the primaries.

Zippi Livni has thus far refused to agree to that, and she is upsetting a lot of people in Kadima.

Until now she had the major support of the ministers and heads of Kadima, but less support among the general membership of Kadima.

I suspect that this is going to be her downfall. She is going to lose the support of the heads of Kadima because she refuses to agree to that condition. They will look at her as an opportunist and not somebody who is an integral part of Kadima. They will see her as someone who just finds Kadima a convenient platform for launching herself. (ironic that that is how Kadima began...)

They will pull their support and she will be gone. Unless she caves in and agrees...

Just my prediction.


  1. I don't understand why she doesn't just agree, knowing full well that since she is a politician she will be able to change her mind at a later date, or at least come up with some excuse as to why her original commitment is no longer valid.

  2. good question. Maybe she does not want to look as bad as Mofaz did when he said that and then jumped ship from the Likud the very next day...

    But I do not know...

  3. If she is an opportunist what is Mofaz? This is the guy who sent out a letter to Likud members that he wasn't leaving his "house", the Likud, and while it was still in the mail jumped ship to Kadima.

  4. I don't like her. She seems too slick, always looking to be PC.

    Oh, and all of the sudden she "admits" that she served in the Mossad? Tzips will do anything for a vote.


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