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Aug 10, 2008

lousy Tisha B'Av

Tisha B'Av is supposed to be a lousy day, but this one really set a new bar for lousy.

I caught some sort of a stomach bug. On Friday I was feeling a little under, but kept my regular schedule. Shabbos morning, I was feeling worse, but stuck it out through shul. When got home I could not eat more than a couple bites then went down with too much in the way of stomach aches. Eventually I started barfing, and then it was all over.

I went Saturday night to shul thinking I would make it through Eicha, but I could not stay for more than a few minutes. I had to go home to barf some more. So I did not even get to hear Eicha this Tisha B'Av.

Then this morning it continued and I missed all kinnos because I was still feeling sick and vomitted a bit.

We did not go tot he Kotel as we usually do on 9 Av afternoon, and we had considered going to Hebron, but that clearly did not happen either...

So all around, this has to be one of the worst Tisha B'Avs for me...


  1. Ironically, since Tisha B'Av is not supposed to be a good day, a "bad" Tisha B'Av should rank as a "good" one.

    Feel better.

  2. there is a stomach bug going on Israel. I know alot of people who caught it. You are not alone.

    It's not only in Bet Shemesh either

  3. Sorry rafi.:( Fasting sick is the worst. Hope you're feeling better tommorrow.

  4. Usually if someone has a stomach bug I tell him to fast....

    תהיה בריא

  5. hope you are feeling better. did you get any compassion from your family?

  6. Hope you are feeling better. By the way...I haven't heard the word "barf" used so frequently since the 80's! :)

  7. I guess I am stuck in the 80s... I did n ot realize the word had gone into disuse...


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