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Aug 31, 2008

Sarah Palin - the death blow

I have avoided commenting on the upcoming US elections. I have been strongly undecided as to whom I will vote for.

Normally I have voted for the Democrat candidate, but I have been wholly unimpressed with Barak Obama, except for his oratorical skills. He is a great speaker, but I am unsure of him as a possible President of the US.

I do not know much about Sarah Palin. I do not think anybody knows much about her. I do not think even John McCain knows much about her. But it seems, at least initially, he made a fantastic choice for his VP candidate.

Palin is a woman, she is an outsider by Washington's standards, she is young, she is a self-made woman, she does not come from any elite background or anything like that. She gives his campaign good face and imagery.

I don't know anything about her policy and her beliefs, other than the little that has so far been mentioned in the press, but picking her was a move that is a real "game changer".

I think Barak Obama is in big trouble now. He picked a mediocre running mate, who looks old, even though he might be a good person and have good policy, he is a Washington insider and does not conform with Obama's big plan of change from the outside.

I thought all along his chances of winning were poor. Mostly because of his association with Reverand Wright. I thought people would not forget that in the long run and would hesitate to vote for him. It was really his election to lose, considering how lousy a job Bush has done. Yet he has failed to pull away from an old Washington insider who has never really distinguished himself as a candidate, in all the elections in which he has participated.

And now with the selection of Palin, I think McCain just dealt Obama the death blow. I wonder how Obama will counter it, but somehow I suspect that his days are over, and the Democrat Party will regret not having chosen Hillary as the candidate.


  1. You should do some more research about Palin ... she's wholly unready for any kind of position like this. In fact, just a month ago she was mocking the VP spot saying that she had no idea what a VP even did. Add to that a couple of unsavory incidences in her short career (like supposedly having her sister's ex-husband fired from the state patrol), and I don't see anything positive about Palin. Sure, she's a woman, and either way history will be made, but she's so unprepared and she doesn't make up for McCain being McCain.


  2. chaviva - I agree. one year in the governers mansion after being mayor of a small town doe snot make you ready for the VP slot. Yet in the day of media and imagery, where policy is treated as being less important, this was a good move. She is young and energetic, which are the main problems people see in McCain

  3. I can't believe you are a democrat. am in a bit of shock...

  4. why are you in shock? Jews in the US have traditionally voted Democrat. It is only a recent phenomena that some Jews (generally religious ones) vote Republican.

    I consider them all the same on the issues like Israel. Bush was portrayed as Israel's greatest friend, but I saw nothing better from him or his administration than I saw from any other previous president. They all hate us, and only help us when it is convenient for them. It is just a difference of how they paint the picture. So I pretty much consider Israel a non-issue in US elections.

  5. The choice is the least of the 2 evils. The problem is that Jews have to choose of what is more important being democrate, or Jewish. Unfortunatly, they choose the former. Especially self hating liberal Jews.

  6. I'm a Jew ... but definitely NOT of the self-hating variety and definitely am a Jew above all other things ... and I intend to vote for Obama. Why? McCain is another old white guy who will continue to drag us down while he dances around his many houses with his oil-barron brothers. That's not representative of any U.S. citizen I know. And Biden? Man's a genius.

  7. in response to why it's a shock that you are a Democrat. bc I don't believe in a welfare society. I believe in picking yourself up and making something of your life.

    Democracts coddle and treat everyone (especially minorities) like little kids....

    it's extremely condescending and ultimately destructive to the family unit and society as a whole!

    Also, I refuse to vote for anyone that promotes values that I disagree with.

    Republicans aren't perfect, but they are a hell of alot better than Democracts.

    P.S. I also believe that real, sincere Evangelical Christians are the most moral and ethical people I have ever met (a lesson to be learnt by our corrupt 'frum' society, where getting more money for your yeshiva overrides everything else)

  8. the way you see democrats is the way the frum society lives. so why in recent years has the frum society turned into republican supporters?

    Anyway, I was raised Democrat. Democrats have alwatys been at the forefront of civil rights, and as Jews, it has always been incumbent upon us to support rights for minorities and weaker elements of society. If we do not protect others rights, the rights of jews will be the next in line to be removed, or at least not defended...

  9. fair enough...however, since in recent years virulent anti semitism has been promoted by extreme left wing elements in the Democratic party is enough reason for me to stay away.

    I don't want my president associated with that element.


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