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Aug 3, 2008

Be careful what you name your kid

Now you have to choose your childs name not just based on whom you wish to name after, or something meaningful, but in our hi-tech world of connectivity you have to also make sure it will not clash with Internet filters.

A fellow yid, Dr. Libshitz in Philadelphia, tried to change over from his AT&T dial-up account (they still have those things?) to a Verizon DSL account.

His registration was rejected. After trying to figure out why, he finally found out it is because his name contains an expletive within it, so the system automatically rejected him.

He got the run-around, including company representatives suggesting solutions like "Change your name".

Dr. Libshitz, obviously, refused to change his name just so he could sign up with Verizon.

So he returned his Verizon dsl kit and stick with his AT&T account. Slashdot writes that after the Philly Enquirer got involved it all worked out, but the article in the Philly News does not say that, so I don't know for sure.....


  1. Reminds me of the story a guy told me that once the phone rang immediately after Havdala (he was living in the US). Figuring that whom else besides a fellow frummer yid would call so soon after shabbos ended, he answered the phone with "gut voch". It turns out it was a non-Jewish business associate of his wife who didn't speak Yiddish, and thought he said a different expletive!

    He now only says "shavua tov", so as not to take chances.

  2. Ach! But when it's your surname, you're sort of stuck, unless you're female and can find yourself a fellow with a name sans expletives ;)

  3. of course chaviva, but the first name is the only part you can control (without going through a legal name change, which most people will not do just for the sake of opening an email account)

  4. Reminds me of someone named Soloveitchik whose e-mail couldn't get past the company's email filter because it contained the word "love". (true story that happened to my sister's co-worker)

  5. Hurm,, I'll try to remember that one so da boy can get his internet connection.


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