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Aug 21, 2008

Headlines of Tomorrow

A Guest Post by Shifra G.

So - I have been wondering...are we going back to Egypt?

Why would I wonder that? Well, I just heard on the news that Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni are thinking about giving the "Russian Compound" back to the Russians. Huh? OK I know that over time other ridiculous 'returns' start to make sense - especially after being repeated by the media. Things like: giving East Jerusalem to the PA as a capitol. or the whole existence of the PA or The Golan - the whole state whatever.

The reasons given for all of these 'return's is historical ownership and previous rulership. Who gets to pick how far back we go?

Take Chevron for example: There we return houses in to their Historic owners - the year that counts is random - so we only count as far back as the last Arab owner.

Maybe all of the land really belongs to Britain, or Turkey? or the real plishtim. I am beginning to fear how far this will be taken.
Keep your eyes posted for the following news bulletin - soon to be splashed across all news papers and web sites:

EXTRA EXTRA - Read all about it!
Jews offer to be Returned to rightful Egyptian owners!

Why are you surprised? We were their property after all.

In today's age of Political Correctness - it can't be too far off.


  1. is this the special guest post you were reffering to?

  2. uh oh, shif must be really ticked to actually post!

  3. When is Da Ali G going to post?

  4. O.M.G.

    You know something? I can actually see this happening. Us Jews have such soft hearts.... Maybe we should return to the Spanish Empire too.

  5. I would presume the appropriate date for such headlines would be the 14th of Nissan, since we leave Mitzrayim every year on the 15th anyway.

    If Russia is getting the Russian Compound 'back', does that mean we're getting crates of Jaffa oranges back in return - after all, that was what Israel paid for it with in the first place.

    Moreover, maybe we can get that hefty price Avraham paid for Chevron back from Efron's "descendants". I wonder what my share would be in today's money...

  6. That's great. a family that blogs together, stays together!

  7. Shifra is the rebbetzin! Wow! what an honor!

    I should show this to my hubby so he'll be less nervous about posting on my blog. lol.

    Good point, though.

  8. Ok, if everyone else is going - I'll go. But I'm not building one more pyramid.

  9. anonymous - I will try to get Ali on as a guest poster. If anybody here has a connection with him and can help me out, that'd be great! :-)

    M - SPanish Empire? That came way after Egypt. Once we take ourselves back to our formaer masters, I am not so sure they would allow us to go up to the Spanish overlords...

    yishkon - those oranges will be pretty mushy by now..

  10. Dan - I like that one...

    BTW, Miriam and Shaya and the rest of you. This was my fault. We heard this itme on the news and Shifra was shocked and said why dont we just give ourselves back to Egypt??
    So I said I can either steal that and post it or you can write a guest post. So she agreed to write the guest post.
    What is amazing is that it is on politics. She always thinks I should keep politics off the blog, and uses as proof that nobody cares about politics as the fact that the political posts get the fewest number of comments...
    And now she came in and wrote about politics!

  11. Amazing...maybe there is yet hope for Da Wife to guest post...I'll tell her a mother of seven posted. Props.

  12. what! a wife that contradicts herself?!? chaval!

  13. Sign her up Rafi!!!

  14. Ha! This makes me sad. Sad cuz so close to truth.

    There's a story about this-a king wanting some sort of payment from the Jews and them retorting that they would give it if they get paid back for all the years of slave labor in Egypt.

  15. sabra - there is a gemara that talks about that story.


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