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Aug 3, 2008

anonymous bloggers at the conference

A number of anonymous bloggers are announcing that they will be going to the NBN JBloggers Conference on August 20.

I have a question - how will we know who you are? Will you tell us who you are and what blog you are from? Will you stay anonymous and say you a reader/commenter? Or is this going to be your opportunity to out yourselves, at least to fellow bloggers?

just curious...


  1. Are you going, RAfi? I may go. Still contemplating. Can children come lol. And what would we all do\?

  2. as you can see the square on the right side of Life in Israel - I am attending the Conference...

  3. B"H

    Not going.... I may or may not reveal the full brunt of the reasons as to why not.

    I think I'll wait for the full report of my spies.

    Rafi, we expect a full report from you as well.

  4. I'm not very anonymous. Whoever recognizes me, recognizes me, but my name tag will have my pseudonym. Hopefully no one will out me on their blog afterward.

    You might as well spit it out, BY, instead of telling us when it's too late already.

  5. I don't know.

    I don't think anyone will listen to me anyway.

    I think I'll wait for my spies' reports.

    I hope that bloggers will post their takes on the conference, and not be all "plastic" and "kushen tuchus" about how "wonderful it was."

    I'm the Southern Californian here. We're often accused of being fake and star struck and publicity wh***s.

    The emails I've gotten from some of these [nameless] people [when I've hosted HH] about how great and significant their blogs are, I really wanted to gag.

    No Californians, but a lot of ego and hot air, nonetheless.

    I know that I can count on your and Rafi's honest appraisals of the conference.

  6. Good question Rafi. I am planning on outing myself to my fellow bloggers, with the hope that they will not publicize my identity.

  7. I'm compiling a list of bloggers planning to attend. Please come over and add your names.

    It's a PR event, to promote aliyah and Nefesh beNefesh among bloggers. It's totally legitimate to feel uncomfortable attending something like that.
    But I can't imagine what bad things you think might happen, that bloggers would be expected to hide. That they'll run out of food? They'll squelch anti-aliyah or anti-government sentiments? There are supposed to be 200 people there; surely they won't all be complicit.
    At any rate, I can't imagine a situation where I would trash the event on my blog. I won't fawn over it either (is that proper English?); it's not my style. But you can count on me not to lie or cover something up.

  8. I'm also wondering about losing anonymity -- it would be a big factor in my deciding whether to attend.

    As much as I would love meeting everyone this way, I would think that a joint forum among bloggers would have to be, well, a blog carnival. Or some other on-line event.

    M in I - How far would pseudonyms get us? How many of us know several NbNers, not to mention all the other people we know...

    Nice they're coming out to Israel, at any rate. Many they'll stay awhile...

    Yo ben-yehudah -- Not all Californians are puffy with hot air (the earthquake bursts our bubbles!) Take it easy, eh?


  9. ALN--
    I have a very low level of anonymity. At most I'm semi-anonymous. So it's not a big issue for me.

  10. I plan on "outing" myself at the conference.

  11. MII, I wasn't being critical of the planners,...yet. That wouldn't be fair to them.

    I was told that politics doesn't matter, but they would be cautious regarding anti aliyah blogs.

    I was pleased to hear that.

    That being said, the minute someone makes a point of saying that the food at an event is "mehadrin," my experience is that I should be suspicious about how "mehadrin" the rest of the event will be....

    ALN, you misunderstood. I was criticizing the criticizing of Californians.

  12. B-Y --

    Ahhh, then that's allowed!

    (We LIKE our earthquakes... everyone else is jealous).


  13. That being said, the minute someone makes a point of saying that the food at an event is "mehadrin," my experience is that I should be suspicious about how "mehadrin" the rest of the event will be...

    We tried running a mehadrin JBlogger convention, but everyone had to sit behind their own mechitza (it did solve all the anonymity issues).

  14. You can never be too careful with these things.... it might affect your great-granddaughter's dating prospects.



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