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Aug 3, 2008

It is just not worth it (video)

Here is a sickening video made by the lawyer dealing with the yeshiva boys arrested in Japan for drug smuggling.

He implores people not to get involved in drug smuggling, especially in the United States, but only because it is not worth it and how bad the prisons are.

Forget about the actual dealing in drugs, forget about the chilul hashem. The biggest problem is the conditions of the jail. I guess if the jails would not be so bad, such as being incarcerated near Puerto Ricans, it would be worth smuggling drugs...

Compare that statement to the following letter put out by the Badatz of Antwerp with a much more definitive statement in which they call upon people not to carry drugs or money for people, not to exchange money for people, not to carry packages for anybody, even people from within the community. Nobody has trust in these matters and it is completely prohibited to be involved in these things, both by halacha and by dina d'malchusa dina.


  1. I 100% agree with your point, but the lawyer may just be appealing to what is realistic. The facts are that some people are stupid enough to do these things. They should no better; it is a no brainer. When the yetzer conquers good sense, fear of punishment is all that's left.

  2. that could be, but these kind of warnings rarely work - people assume they will not be caught and the risk is worth it.

    Anybody who would be scared off by that pathetic warning probably would not have done it anyway.

  3. It looks like the guy pulled off a ton of ethics violations. I'm no lawyer, but I work across the hall from one....

  4. what every Jewish mother always dreamed about - a son who works across from a lawyer! lol

  5. there is some talk in the Haredi online media (shouldn't that be an oxymoron?) about a new case in which 2 yeshiva guys went to London to do some fundraising and were just arrested for money laundering.

    The details are unclear so i am not writing more, because a lot of what is being said is just rumor and nobody really knows what happened, but it seems like these yeshiva guys could use a bit more in the smarts department, and maybe they should be sitting in the beis medrash more....


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