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Aug 2, 2008

Moetzet Pesha and the Disengagement (video)

This organization "Mahapeycha Yehudit" prepared the following video about "Moetzet Pesha" and their role in not stopping the disengagement, and even helping it proceed smoothly.. I don't know who Mahapaycha Yehudit is, but it is a powerful video....

As we have entered the 9 days, we are meant to spend this time focusing on the destruction of our Batei Mikdash. I have always found that difficult, as I think many people do. It was so long ago. It is something I, nor my father, nor his father, going back a number of generations, had ever seen. So intellectually we mourn. We go through the motions. Some perhaps a little better than others, but it is a mourning that is sorely lacking content and meaning.

The following video, about the destruction of Gush Katif, the destruction by Jews, the destruction being helped along by Jews who claimed to be trying to thwart it, and all that for particular gain to justify it - no peace, no quiet, nothing.... While it is not the destruction of the Temples, it is somethign we have seen and can relate to. You can take this and try to imagine, just a bit, what it must have been like during the destruction of the Batei Mikdash..


  1. Could you explain the point of the video? Moetzet Yesha should have done what exactly?

  2. what they could have done and what they did do are two different things.
    I do not know what they could have done. maybe nothing would have helped....
    But at least they could have not helped sharon by quashing any protest by others.

  3. I need to find some time to watch this video.

    However, I did notice that one of the local Moezta council heads said very clearly that the Moetzet Yesha "anti-disengagement" plan was unclear and unworkable.

    He hit the nail on the head.

  4. Heres the point from someone that was active in the struggle since the beginning.

    #1 road blocking's were very effective.

    #2 kfar meimon was counter productive, instead the thousands should have focused on sneaking in at night.

    #3 backing off from the gates played right into their hands

    #4 there was no real struggle at crunch time.. just a show fight.

    #5 and most importantly, as a resident of maoz hayam for 6 weeks, we could have fought em off had we not been handed over by the gaza regional council, and had guys really showsed up.

  5. you say kfar maimon was counter productive, and in the end it was. But I think it only was because Moetzet Yesha agreed to not allow anyone break through. they agreed to ask the army/police permission to go through and when permission was denied they did not call for a mass march through the gates. They instead had everyone burn energy by walking around kfar maimon..

  6. It was reported on A7 that 200+ guys were slipping in every night.

    I told guys, forget the hafganot.. just hike over!!

    The idea of kfar meimon may have been correct had the masses broke through.

    Yet nadia meitar for one was calling for the public to clog the roads to the gush.

    Northern shomron should NOT have been abandoned.. they should have launched a 2 sided battle..

    Anyone knows that getting up to chomesh and sanur was a piece of cake.. ive hiked up many times since the girush.. you merely need to walk in the fields and thats it.

    Gaza was a bit harder with the fences etc..

    Plus it was easier to seal of the gaza approach while this was not the case for the shomron..

    Had thousands in small groups marched to gaza, yes many would have been arrested which was 1 of our goals to clog up the jails, to tie up the police resources.. thats one thing road blockings would have acomplished.

    We could have shut down the country, we could have tied up police resources that were in fact used in the girush.

    Yediot or maariv published a detailed map showing how MANY MANY city's would be left with a TINY SKELETON police force.

    With so many resources at kfar meimon, the gush and the roads leading towards it were not very well blocked.

    This was something I knew.. and I can bet good money they knew it too.

    They wanted a show, they wanted to play big men "we can control the crowds" they were kapo's.. they told bar lev, chalutz, harel etc.. that they would do such and such.

    They said "get rid of the black uniforms and we'll let you in neve dekalim" and you had dan harel saying "if we dont get in today all our plans are messed up"

    They made pacts with the devil, I personally stocked enough food for 50 for 1 week!!!

    Eli poltorak a american guy I was with and a lawyer stocked enough food for 50 for a week...

    Where were the people ?!?!

    Guys were getting in even friday before the girush.. guys were dressing up in army uniforms, slipping in.. I know a girl that slipped into ganei tal AFTER the girush had started.. she was in the army.. I had a roomate that got all the way to kissufim on the day of the girush after runing 2 days..and was promptly arrested.

    He tells me now he regrets not slashing tires.

    We controlled the main road in the gush 2 nights before the girush.. Aviner standing on the jeep with a bull horn "do not touch the jeep" we should have egged the moser..

    Every fight, every protest would have added up.. every form of slowing down the girush.. every guy getting arrested, tire punctured, road blocked..

    Why should I care about the media ? do I care that the residents of gush katif were dragged from their homes crying ?!? NO! NO! NO!

    Because had we fought, there would have been no crying.. there would have been NO girush..

    I know alot of what went on, I know alot of what could have been done.. I know alot of what WOULD have happend.. I know what we could have done had we not been blocked.

    I saw the moetzes yeshu machers pulling us off the road byu neve dekalim the night we rioted, dragging the dumpsters off, putting out the fires..

    They beat us as we blocked trucks 2 days before the girush..

    It took longer to destroy 9 houses in amona than the entire neve dekalim...

    It took a week longer to evacuate a few families in the chevron shuk..

    Why ?!?! because moetzes yeshu was no where near and no where invoolved!

  7. BTW i was 3:28pm,

    I know that jameel knows a lot that he wont say here..

    I know alot that I wont say here because c'v the police will grab me and try to force me to talk and give up names.

    But there were plans..there were real extremists.. the guys that tell moetzes yeshu where to shove it..

    There were guys closing down the bus stations, closing down vital junctions with something as simple as a backpack..

    I am close friends with guys that spent a long time in jail..

    I know the 3 guys that were administrative detention.

    The extremists pulled out though.. when moetzes yesha came around they saw it was time to go .. it was not their fight.

    Most of the guys at maoz hayam did not fight.. I still dont know why nadia screamed at us not to fight.. was she in disillusion then as well?

    I built maoz hayam.. I mever asked nor want a award, I raised thousand and gaver every penny I had and bankrupted myself.. I did not buy stuff like dudei shemesh that nadia bought that were never used...

    I bought the building stuff.. the shovels, hammers, the electrical wiring etc. etc..

    There was room for thousands there.. but where were they ? following the fools at moetzes yeshu!!!

  8. This video is just so sickening. It's almost too horrible to be real.

    Where could I find out more about the Moetzet Yesha? Or Pesha...

  9. if you just want info on them, their website is http://www.myesha.org.il/

    if you want the opinion of the guys whop can tell you what they really do, maybe Ben-Yehuda can fill you in....

  10. Ya ok, I'll speak to him then..

    (and hey, next time you'll have these awesome videos of a rebuilt jerusalem and holy land--the way it's supposed to be. amen.)


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