Feb 16, 2009

Avraham Fried - Rak Tefilla (video)

Listening to Avraham Fried sing is always a pleasure - it is even better when it is something historical, like a remake of an old Israeli classic...


  1. Thanks that was really beautiful I just sent it to my father and brother- I know they'll enjoy it.

  2. If the other guy isn't frum, then how can this be frum music? I thought the whole point of scrutinising what our kids hear is so that at least, they, keep their neshamos pure.

  3. who said anything about "frum music"... what is frum music anyways? I think every person would have a different barometer of what they consider "frum music" - what is acceptable and what is not...

    if you think it is inappropriate for your children, don't let your children listen to it.

  4. Rafi, I really hope Shalom was just parroting the typical Charedi line in order to make fun of it.

  5. the other guy is avraham fried... :-)

    the other guy guy is chanan yovel. the composer..

  6. Oh I like him.

    (Reminds me of when someone came over n saw a pic of my bro with Matisyahu and asked, bewildered, who "that guy" (referring to Matisyahu) is.)

    Wait, it was funnier when it happened.

  7. He changed the word אהבה to פאר however he left the next word הנושנה unchanged. (it should be הנושן


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