Feb 12, 2009

wireless internet in the darndest of places

I am spending the day, and possibly shabbos, in Hadassah Hospital in jerusalem.

I had an opportunity to see the famous mall at the entrance to the hospital. I must say, it really makes getting into the hospital inconvenient, but it itself is not such a big deal. It is really just a glorified gift shop. It is not like actually walking through a mall, but more like a bunch of stores along the path into the hospital. It is not a mall like Malha Mall in jerusalem. Maybe more similar to cutting through a small part of the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem.

It makes it inconvenient because parking is always a nightmare at Hadassah, and now you have to go around through the mall entrance to get in which makes the walk from the distant lot that much further, and then go through the hospital entrance. Maybe if I have some time and patience, I'll go snap some pictures. At least from the lot there is a shuttle, so it is not so bad...

In the past most of our hospital experiences have been at Shaarei Tzedek. Hadassah is much nicer, if being in a hospital can be nice. We have a big room in the emergency room, and are waiting to be transferred to a ward. In the meantime, I figured I would try to see if I can pick up any wireless internet. Lo and behold I was able to! I don't think they have that at Shaarei Tzedek!
break. we are being transferred to the ward finally.

Well, we still have wireless internet, but the room is not nearly as nice. My sons roommate is a baby with machinery that blares every so often And the kids mother makes a lot of noise on the phone and with other stuff, toys I guess. I am sure the kid will be up all night screaming, and his mother will be on the phone talking (in Arabic no less).


  1. in case you're there for shabbos. There is an organization that provides 3 communal shabbos meals + a kiddush after musaf (with takeout if you need).
    Refua Shelema.

  2. From our stay in Shaarei Tzedek, I didn't try to see if they had wireless, but I did see a number of guys working on laptops in the lobby. By the fact that they were there and not at a table, I assumed that there was a hotspot over there.

  3. Sharei Zeddek does have wireless in the lobby, I've used it myself. Actually, they have wireless all over the hospital, but the only free access is in the lobby.

  4. thanks anon.

    Eliezer and blackbelt -I did not know that, but here they have it all over it seems

  5. amen. thanks Mrs S and everybody else in advance

  6. רפואה שלימה.
    שהקב"ה ישלח לו רפואה שלימה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל.

  7. I've used free wireless in Shaarei Tzedek throughout the emergency department.


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