Feb 5, 2009

Netanyahu's 5th Message of the Day (video)

Today's daily "Message to the Nation" by Bibi Netanyahu - this one is about voting Likud instead of one of the other parties on the right.


  1. Rafi, can you do a write-up on the elections explaining, in your opinion, what the platforms are of the different parties that are relevent to you readers? Also, maybe present the following question - Is it better to vote for Likud, for example, to ensure that Bibi is elected PM, assuming that's who you believe to be the best candidate, rather than voting for a smaller party that better fits your ideals? Just some thoughts that may be helpful to those relatively new to the political scene here..what'dya think?

  2. No reason to reinvent the wheel... aside from the many posts I have written on the various parties, a more comprehensive explanation of the various parties can be found at http://esseragaroth.blogspot.com/2009/01/esser-agaroth-guide-to-israeli.html

    you might also want to check out http://esseragaroth.blogspot.com for general political discussion on various parties (mostly right wing).

    I havbe already written a number of times why I think it is important to vote Likud rather than smaller parties. Maybe I will do another post on it. Thanks.


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