Feb 16, 2009

Looking for Love...Has she found it?

The Sunday Times wrote a long piece on Tzppi Livni and her service as a Mossad agent.

This is a story that was brought up during the Kadima primaries, and was then squashed again. No details could come out, and people started to talk about how Livni was basically just a secretary at the time and did nothing important. The thought was she leaked it to show she had some security credentials, but then squashed it because it wasn't helping.

For some reason, the story is back.

Some quotes:

“A romantic relationship requires honesty between a couple,” she told her interviewer. “I couldn’t, of course, develop such a relationship with anyone, but a short relationship does no harm, if you keep to the rules.

“It’s a bit like forcing yourself not to get drunk in order to keep control of your mouth.
That basically means she is saying she slept around a lot.
Livni said she had been unable to reveal to even her closest family that she was a spy. When her father visited her in Paris, he could not understand why a woman who had been a brilliant law student “was wasting her time in Europe doing nothing”
As Jameel says, this points to her modesty...
Working for Mossad was like “living constantly in two worlds”, she said. “On the one hand, I did things of which I was very proud, and I felt I was part of a special force, contributing to the security of Israel. On the other hand, I had to keep my mouth shut and not to tell anyone about it.”
Until now of course....

Esser Agoroth also writes about the White Bird and her future as an author....


  1. If you ask me there is only one thing a blonde in her twenties could of been doing in the mossad.

  2. Let's all say this in unison:

    POOR BABY...

  3. what's the point? every country has both men and women spies that, for the sake of information gathering, sometimes life saving info, need to "sleep around". if she's not an aishes ish at the time, then as her job it may very well be muttar l'halacha under sakanos nefashos for the state. so, what's the criticism here? are you under the impression this oughtn't happen in a jewish state? sorry - it's a necessary evil.

    Of course, I am putting it out there, that I have many top-secret secrets and any pretty spy who wants it should contact me right away........ :)

  4. shaya - of course every country has spies and sometimes that is their job. nobody denies that.
    1. I find it amusing that she brags about her "short term" relationships a spart of the interesting article about her mossad career.
    2. her "short term" relationships were not part of her job. it is how she kept busy in her personal life without building a long term relationship.
    3. she specifically says she never was given the task of sex with a target for the mossad.


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