Feb 1, 2009

Mezuzahs for Water and War!

It rained all night long in much of Israel last night. Unfortunately, because the winter has been so dry and warm, that rain was just a drop in the bucket relative to the amount we need...

The government is becoming desperate and is looking for solutions (I do not know if they are considering taking up Oren Zarif on his offer or not).

Shalom Simhon, the Minister of Agriculture, outgoing I must add considering elections are in 10 days, has come up with a new solution. The government is so desperate that anything is worth a try - Simhon has recommended that Mekorot, the authority in charge of Israel's water systems, change all their mezuzahs... He says that when Labor was hitting all-time lows in popularity, he had all the mezuzahs changed in the Labor offices, and now they have doubled their polling numbers.

I guess changing the mezuzahs caused Barak to go to war in Gaza, improving his poll numbers... If they listen to Simhon and change the mezuzahs at Mekorot, I hope it does not end up leading to war with Syria!!!

(source: YNET)


  1. Of course, they haven't tried water conservation, nor keeping mitzvot and treasuring ouir Land.

  2. I guess they are not desperate enough to try anything!


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