Feb 15, 2009

Picture of the Day (potd)

Looks to me like Tzippi is adjusting her sheitel. Is this like Bibi's "b'ezrat Hashem" he keeps throwing into speeches recently? Will the religious parties be tricked into thinking these candidates are baalei teshuva and therefore prefer to sit with them respectively?


  1. ...not Rafi G...

    Looks like Olmert needs a Sheitel :-).

  2. Bibi has been saying bezrat hashem for years. It goes down well with the Likud crowd.

    I have actually been waiting for a female PM candidtae for years just to see what she will do when she goes and meets the Rabanim. The men always put a kipa on. What will Tzippy put on her head if she goes to see Rav Ovadia to beg for Shas's support?

  3. she'll send shaul mofaz, like she did this past week to speak with Shas.

  4. send Bibi to America and he meets a goy. "B'ezrat hashem" lol.

  5. What I'm looking for for Israeli PM is a frum-but-modern female with Bibi's English literacy & Western education and Avigdor Leiberman's platform.
    No, huh...?

  6. B"H

    Rafi, why do you always have to get me started on sheitels?

    Until I find out whether your wife wears one or not, I will try to restrain myself....

  7. my wife does not wear sheitels. her choice.

  8. OK. I'll know for next time for when you decide to use sheitel and ba'al tshuvah or frum in the same sentence....

    I haven't been getting enough hate mail lately.

  9. I am not sure what you mean. if you have a question, just ask it..

  10. Nothing to ask....

    Next time you mention anything frum, or related to being frum, with sheitelach, I will probably just rant about how stupid I think sheitels are,...

    ...and then get a bunch of hate male from your readers.

    Is that clearer?

  11. Ben-Y,

    Please let us know your position on shaitels.

    I am curious to know.

    I will not send you hate mail.

    Do you think they are stupid cuz - what's the point? Like looking at playboy is not much better than looking at a live unrobed lady (with her consent of course). (better but still quite assur)

    Oh, so you say hair is not REALLY an ervah. But CHazal say it is. Well it is just a minor ervah, not a major one as only married ladies hair is forbidden to see. Yes, but married ladies' hair is deemed ervah and we find no chiluk ever in hilchos ervah between seeing something actual and something that is a perfect copy and creates pretty much exact same response in men but a fake i.e. playboy.

    Is this your point?

    Or are you against head coverings altogether? Like grow up, what is the big deal about seeing a woman's hair? Like people have "brilliantly" commented on 'negia' - I am not gonna rape her jst cuz I touched her.

    Please state your point in your own words. DO not let me talk for you.

  12. Why is it that whenever I state that I am against sheilach {as is Rav Eliashiv, in case ANYONE cares}, people think that I am against head covering?

    Has weHallilah.

    Even a Satmar friend of mine thought this once. I responded that his parents are also against sheitelach.

    He said, oh, that's right.

    C'mon people. This is right wing extremist 10 agaroth we're talkin' about.....

    I'll state my full opinion one of these days.

    In the meantime, read my efforts to get even non frum women to cover their hair.

    A Suggestion For "Conservatives"


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