Feb 5, 2009

Motti Zisser on the National Religious

This interview with businessman Motti Zisser is very interesting. Zisser is affiliated with the National Religious, and has always been a supporter of the NRP.
In the interview, while he says he will be voting Bayit Yehudi, he criticizes the religious candidates and parties and discusses the options of the National Religious public.


  1. The National Religous have to make a decision. Are we going to formally become a parochial one-issue community like the Chareidim, interested only in what money and concessions we can suck out of the State? Or are we going to become a potential governing alternative?
    If the former, then why all the mergers? Go back to calling the party the Mafdal and make the platform simple - give us money for our yeshivos and mosdos and we'll support your government.
    If the latter, then this new party, whatever they're calling it this week, needs to present a full platform to the public and show why its relevant to the chilonim as well as the National Religious.
    Dithering in the middle just bleeds support.

  2. ANybody thinking of voting for voting Likud must realize that this means EHud Barak as Defense minister.

    That prospect exposes the farce of the lying head of Likud who claims to be offering more securtiy than Labor and Kadima.

    Remember when Barak who was SHaron's defense minister after the gov't fell in 2001?

    He hobbled every gov't response to the terror attacks and kept the situation going way longer than it should have.

  3. who else would you vote for? a vote for anybody else means Tzippi Livni as Prime Minister (because Lieberman might very well select her, as he has suggested he might).... and Ehud Barak as Defense Minister.

    Barak looks like her will be DM in pretty much any constellation...

  4. rafi, did you ever locate the source for women going first?

    If you do find it, can you consider putting it in a new post to spare me checking the comment section of the old post

    if you dont have it, no big deal and sorry for harassing you, i am just curious

    shabbat shalom

  5. anonymous - I posted what I found in the comments of the superbus post


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