Feb 15, 2009

setting the tone

I don't get it.

Why are the top people in the Labor Party letting a failed Amir Peretz set the tone and the agenda for the future of the party, and put himself in as the front-runner for party leadership? Peretz was a dismal failure.

Where is Avishai Braverman? Yitzchak Herzog? Even guys like Eitan Cabel or Ofer Pines-Paz (his name would go over real well around the world as Israel's leader) should be trying to set the tone for the party.

Where are all the other Labor guys that could be stepping in and showing themselves as leaders? Labor has some good guys who are capable as future leaders of the party. Why do they let Peretz take over like this?


  1. Once a Moroccan is back up at the top of the list he should (if he has half a brain) be able to start reeling in the sfardim working class. Who says all sfardi believe in Netanyahu capitalism anyways?

  2. those days are long gone. there are sfardim in every party nowadays.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see Amir Peretz and Eli Yishai ushering in the proletarian revolution and once and for all obliterating the evil capitalist forces.

    The question is Rafi, why are you complaining if Labour chooses to hurl itself at full speed into irrelevance?

  4. not complaining, but the truth is I prefer Labor to Kadima.

  5. Maybe they feel that they've become so indistinguishable from Kadima (and that's why they failed to impress voters) that they see Peretz as a return to their roots. who knows?

  6. look, no one can stop peretz form advancing himself. fact is, he did win the primary once and he is a household name (maybe a bad one for most of the country but this is labor we are talking about) mistomo someone will challenge him when it becomes l'maaseh.

  7. true, he can run just like anybody else. My question is not why is he running. He wants to lead, just like Barak came back, just like Bibi came back, etc. My question is why the other top Labor people are letting him set the agenda. Why is nobody else trying to run the show.

  8. I think that peretz is simply a shrewder politician than they and caught them by surprise.

    If they had suspected he was going to do this they would have beat him to it.

    He might be a moron when it comes to getting anything done and making peoples lives miserable (strikes), but he is a brilliant or maybe the word is - he has no hindrances of any busha whatsoever - as a populist politician.

  9. that could be. perhaps he is just shrewder than the rest of them.


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