Feb 25, 2009

This Knesset season promises to be exciting

The new government looks like it is going to be exciting and stormy.
Bibi will constantly be trying to not be tied down by the right-wingers who brought him the premiership, while the right-wingers will make every effort to tie his hands unless he is willing to promote their agendas. They have a point - he is only prime minister because of them.

Yisrael Beiteinu is behaving for now, but what will be when they start clashing with Shas and UTJ over the civil marriage issue and over the budgets Shas and UTJ are sure to request? Also, YB is already threatening to not join the government, and trying to force new elections again. They are saying that if Bibi does not put together a unity government, they might refuse to join a narrow right-wing government and instead call for new elections. They clearly think they stand to gain even more seats by holding new elections immediately.

Just yesterday, right after the new Knesset was signed in, the new MKs already submitted 170 new bills to pass new laws, ranging from various forms of civil marriage, to changing the election method, to the issue of selecting judges and more.

We already had MKs get upset and walk out. When Miki Eitan, the temporary Chairman of the Knesset spoke about the need to pass a constitution, he upset some of the haredi MKs when he mentioned they should come to terms with the fact that a constitution for the State of Israel cannot be identical to the constitution of the Jewish people. A couple of MKs walked out because of that.

Dalia Itzik, the now former Knesset Speaker, gave one last sharp criticism of the Knesset members, along with approving for herself the doubling of the size of her office space. In addition, outgoing PM Olmert also submitted a request to increase the size of his allotted office space.

And coalition negotiations are just beginning...

It promises to be exciting...

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  1. I just love the fact that Shas and UTJ on the whole don't have an education past 6th grade to handle issues in the modern world or deal with the average Israeli.

    I'm with LEiberman. This government is going to completely crumble. New elections will be ASAP. Livni and Barak should stay on the sidelines because they know (and Bibi knows) a right wing government is going to turn the country back 100 years.

    Netanyahu is in a rough spot. He knows he can't give it to the right demands because they'll destroy the country but he loves being Mr Big Shot!!! What is Bibi going to do! Labour-Kadima-Likud will have to merge into a Progressive Israel party.

    This might be the greatest government ever because SIDES will be drawn. PARASITES vs CARING for the COMMON MAN vs CAPITALISM. All this won't be judge by the way by someones dress, but who is voting on what and why. I think we should see some surprises.

    LIVNI And BARAK should stay on the sideliens and LEIBERMAN should just keep making outrageous demands. BIBI and LIKUD will be DONE. Feiglin will be the only real Likud - maybe Eldad - and they both are clueless.


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