Feb 5, 2009

Israel's train lines are on strike!

Great news to wake up to!

At midnight, the employees of "Rakevet Israel" - the trains authority - have decided to begin a strike against the system. They have shut down all lines all around the country. The trains authority says the strike is illegal (i.e. they did not get permission to strike from the labor courts), and are working to cancel it. It is over some squabble about how they get treated at work.

Great way to wake up - to news that your way to work does not exist. I hope they fire everybody as a way of solving this.

If you need to follow the strike to know when it canceled and the trains start running, you can either turn on your radio, or call the Rail hotline *5770 and hear updated messages about the status.


  1. I for one was very upset about this.
    Normally my ride to work is nice and peaceful, but today the traffic was horrendous! Thanks a lot train people!

  2. The way I deal with it is when they decide to start working again, I put my feet (with shoes) up on the seats, and when they ask me to put them down, I say, "Sorry, I'm on strike." They don't like the answer, so I comfort them by saying that it's OK, since my boss OK'd the strike.

    By the way, is there a way people with monthly passes can file a class-action suit against the train company?

  3. whats - traffic was horrible!

    yoni - I know it happened in the past by a strike that they compensated chofshi bearers with free tickets per the number of strike days..


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