Feb 2, 2009

Bibi and technology (video)

Bibi Netanyahu has really taken the lead of all Israeli politicians with his online campaigning, and embracing technology as a way of reaching the people. He has a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, regularly uses Youtube to put out his messages, he has invited bloggers to his press conferences, etc.

Netanyahu is now, starting today, giving an online address to the nation every day, until elections. I think it would be beneficial to continue after the elections, but maybe not every day. Once a week perhaps?

Anyway, here is Bibi's first video post with his Address to the Nation:


  1. I don't entirely trust Bibi, and I don't like the way he's shunting Feiglin to the fringes of Likud, but one thing about him has always amused me:

    When he speaks to Israelis, in Hebrew or English, he always has a a Hebrew accent, but when he speaks hutz l'aretz, he sounds like he's from the East Coast....

    The man is nothing if not flexible.

  2. Rafi G,

    Are you gonna set up a pre-election poll like you did for the BS elections? Curious to see how the blog readers are planning to vote...

  3. Taking a tip from President Obama, I see...


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